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tv   Today  NBC  November 21, 2016 10:00am-10:59am EST

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traveling on a wagon ton tran is sheer hard work. you eat equal parts of dust and sunlight, and measure the miles with pounding headaches nicely with backaches. ordinary human beings, but not the lindstroms. they enjoyed every moment as though it was only for . and they shouted it out like the who was a stage for an italian opera. sometimes the lindstrom kids made a brassy kind of a sound that remin of a thousas or the screech of a wagon wheel running dry. all except that oldest daughter who had found a lad, and if there was any sound at all,
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thathad to say. now i'd like you to listen me out. three weeks ago, when mr. lindstrom died, felt very sorry for you, for all of you. we felt... well, i know t fhese are poor words for saying it. if there are er ones, i just don't know them. i don't know what words you use to tell kids how you feel about their father dying. mrs. lindstrom, there isn't a soul on this train, not a single soul, who doesn't admire you greatly, for your courage, the way you've handleef. and you kids-- you kids took your father's passing like-- like soldi every one . we'd like to hel if you'll let us. in a few day we're going to be going neity.
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d paid us, that, together wiur the money that your friends on the train have offered of their own free rtould see you comfortably till you get back to your ti. won't think us any less appreciative e accept only your sympathy. major adams, if you are going to tell us what a woman left with seven children may have to through, please spare yourself. the children and i know what we may have tohrough. now... urwe must make our decision.
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stig. o west to build a new home. art. we stay with the wagon train. britt. when we get where we a, we will build a house that the indians can't get into. margit. i think we should go all the way to the ocean. when we get there, we'll build a garden and then go out and play.margar. we'll go somewhere, and there will be no one there to tease bo and laugh at him because he can't talk. i speak for bo too. o ahead. that's quite an outfit. ( chuckles ) ow, if anybody can make a go of homesteading,
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kids? huh! those little vikings. you ought on one of their r family councils of wame i never did see an armg ththeir decisions as positively as that family does, by golly. wouldn't they take your advice? oh, it wasn't that so much. i can't used to this s newfangled ida of kids that are still wet behind the ears telling their grownups what theo d what they won't do. i know swedes are fifi people, but,y, and the next morning, he was dead. well, looks like the ms got over their grief real quick. yep. i don't know what it is with that family. just real courage, i guess. i know they were all hurt and upset, but none of them showed it. how come they stayed on the train? wasn't my idea, i guarantee you that.
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with the train. after the funeral, i didn't havt to argue with them. you know, that little fellow, bo, while i was reading the lord's prayer, i remember see out of the corner of my eye. up on his own daddy's grave, tarted playing there just like it was his own private sand pile. mrs. lindstr kids, they just paid him no mind, t was perfectly natural. ow, i'll bet that family could handle anything. son. mrs. lindstrom: water. children: w-a-t-e-r. good. gem. mrs. lindstrom! mrs. lindstrom about ready to roll! ell. do your chores. the major's ready to move. on your way. come on! laut's a monkey's uncle! girl: wait a minute! come back here! oh, major adamam if you can spare a moment, there's a favor i'd like to ask of you.
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well, mrs. lindstrom, what's this about a favor? you u ntioned last night that we would be close to dodge city in a few days. 's right. as a matter of fact, we'll be just about one day's ride at est point. coulld the wagon train long enough for me to go into town? well, i should say i could. nally y ive the wagon in myself, and i'll see t chd the children are all settled. oh, no, major, you misunderststd me. we're not taking the wagon into town. doctor while there's still an opportunity. you won't me to hold this train ? mrs. lindstrom, enough is enough! after all, you amily i-i--! ( sighs ) what do you want t a doc? thesdoctors are only good to set bones d deliver babies. what do you want t a doc?
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e,e,'m going to have another're gon! ( chuckles ) you'd better stop thrashing aroundin these tight , or we'll have some broken bones for the doctor too. all right, mrs. lindstrom, i'll take you to town. and if i seem gruff, i-i'm sorry. you know, i think i'sef and have my head examined. you and your chi ae to drink, ( chuckles ) bo, dear... your father has left you the most wonderful present in the world. oh, soren... soren!
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oh, soren! ( children laughing and shouting ) bang! bang! i boy: bang! bang! ( laughing and shouting ) bo, wait a minute! lennart! ng! bang! bang! ( laughing and shouting ) all: ? now the day is over ? ? night is drawing nigh ? ? shadowsevening ? ? steal across the sky ? say your prayers.
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amen. good night. good night. fitz! fitz! i must have fallen asleep. i gave up hoping you'd come. i-i shouldn't have. i don't know why i did. i've never done anything like thi you make it sound like we're doing something wrong. if it isn't wrong, why do so strange? a man and a womann have a right to be alone and talk eighteen isn't a full-grown man, fitz. my father was married at 18. my mother had me when she was 16.
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mother and father snuck out meet in the middle of the night to be together? oh, sure, why not? don't you think your mother and father ever wanted to be alone? when father wanted toe with mother, herry about one thing. what? convincing mother. but if mother wanted to be alone with father...
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juns! ininans? where? where? nothin'. vikings, i call 'em. or adams: you'd never know by looking at them what they'd already been through. you would never that they had a moment's concern i just told my "this womann and her seven children "dare to take on the wilderness on its own terms." tomorrow, mamar adams will take e town. i will go and see the doctor, and after he's told me what we already know... laugh ) i will g gto the store and buy each of you a surprise. all: oh, boy! to bed now. let's go.
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come on. oh, up we go. 'night-'nighgh good night, everybody. now, mind what i told you-- no fighting, no noisy games. we can't expect our neighbors to be as patient with you as i am. you will treat inga as your mother until i gegeback. goodbye. bye, m bye, ma! all right, charlie, let's go. get out of here. mrs. lindstrom: goodbye! i do! i do! i do! all right, stig, you're it!
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major, youveust have lots of chores to do while you're in town, so why don't you get started? after all, mr. wooster can help me registerd, and that's all i have to do until i go to the doctor. that's fine, ma'am. e a lot of things to do. i'll see you later. make yourself comfortable, and i'll be as quick as i can. thererare just a few tests i want to examine
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well, now... where shall we begin? doctormy eighth child. you can save yourseltrouble of g prenatal care. there's nothing like a large, ioned family. ow, it's a shame how the youngsters these days feel that two or three children are sufficient. k you and your husband are very fortunate people. doctor, my husband died over four weeks ago. i'd be gratefuou'd tell me what i came to hear so i could be on my way. won't you sit down? you see, i promithat i f the children a trinket, i'd not like the stores to be closed. yes, of course. and seven children. at was the cause of mr. lindstrom's death?
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mrs. lindstrom, i thinought to r my questions. you say you are here because your last child was born deaf and dumb, you had during the pregnancy, you want to be sure that you do nothing to harm another child. well, then, answer my questions. i'm sorry, doctor, i'll answer your qstions. you say your husband died ofofn unknown disease? yes, one night he had a severe pain in his abdomen, and he was dead next morning. in the family have anything similar at that time or afterwards? no. did anybody on train have a similar i iness? no, it w a contagious disease. we were sure of that. since your husband died you are continuing on with the wagon train, records, i would like the name of the next of kin who is accompanying you west now. oh, yo want the names ananages of my children. no, madam, i thought made myself clear.
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foords. have no kin on the wagon. where are you from? from boston. my husband was from sweden. well, then, give me the name of the kin you expect to with whet to your destination. we have no family int. am i to understand that you and seven children, with the youngest handicappepe are continuing on to the west coast without having anybody to rely on in case of trouble? that's right, doctor. if you'll forgive me for saying so, i don't think this is any of your business. it is my bus lasg as you're in my office as a patient. disregard everything i've got to say, but i'm going to say it. ou think you can have your baby out there on the prairie like an indian, alone? do you think you've been fair to your children, taking them so far from civilization? nothing is going to happen, doctor. and my sons are adult enough to help me,
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der this foolhardy plan of yours. e in dodge city, at least for a while, and i'll do ever i c. doctor, do i have about my unborn child? need not concern yourself then there is nothing more that we need to discuss. e that is correct.
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that's what i come here for. ahh. even! that's the stuff! pay 'em off, boy! mrs. lindstrom wants you to know she's finished with the doctor. also, she's chr plans. she don't want to stay in town overnight; she wants to go back to the wagon train right away. pay 'em off, man. she said to ge rig. what shall i tell her? hah! snake eyes! will you get out of here? go back and tell her dn't find me! good evening. e wa s at the hotel. where's the man? that's him, doc. his name is adams. majo he's the boss of the wagon train. want to buy him a drink? nonosam. thanks for the information. all right, come on, we can make it. uce! come on, six-deuce! i told you to tell her you couldn't find me.
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a little bit later on, will you? little bit later won't do. well, go ahead and talk. come on, eight. i'm a doctor, dr. vincent monroe. howdw are you? itit about mrs. lindstrom. mrs. lindstrom? she was in to see me, and now i want to talk to you, in my office. cash these in, joe. s. lindstrom? yes? how could you not find him? he's in the palace saloon. well, i saw him go into the saloon. i knowhere. want to leave it ride?
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there was a man in here by the name of adams. where did d go? i don't know no adams, ma'am. nonsense. if a man has silvs pockets, u know his name. yes, ma'am. that now, i want you to finams and tell him if he's y to leave in an hour, mrs. lindstrom is returning to ththwagon train by herself. thank you. what happened to major adams? what does y want major adams for? i ain'n'gonna tell youg about m! don't you know thaenders are swe to secrecy, just like a doctor? know that. thank you. under the circumstances, felt it would be quite ethical to tell you. besides, i had no other choice.
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mrtrom only wanted a doctor for assurance he need not worry about her next child having the afflictions as her last. but you did tell her. i answereder question ruth and a lie at the same time. doc, is there any possible chance that you could be wrong? no. patient, to a doctor in a situation like this. e other is to spare them the mental grief as long ase. now, i need your advice on this case because i ow mrs. lindstrom well enough e the decision alone. well, doc... from what i know of this woman--
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thank you, major. that's what i think. i needed your assurance. it would be crue. if you will ask dstrom to come to my office in the morning, i'll tell her. thank you, doctor. you know, mrs. linho, do there!ms:
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oh, major, put all the blame mr. wooster had no choice. i made him come. truly sorry if any of my doings ruined a friendship. well, ma'am, don't you ever tell him, but oiled him in oil if he hadn't have helped you. come on, mike, heave. oh, major, do we have to go back to town? i want so much to get home to the children. ma'am... do me this one more fafar. w-we... all right. mike get along there. you know, i searched everywhere for you.
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ne place i would never have thought of looking for you, in a mil! ( chuckles )n e, ma'am. i know he didn't have anythi say about me. the doctor says that everything will be all right with my baby. that's fine. whoa. whwh. let 'em get a little drink he maybe you'd to get down, huh?
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half an hour, i should say. we'll be there by sunup. oh, how veve nice. i particularly look forward to seeing the sun come uporning. major adams, is something troubling you? you know when you came in the saloon look? i wasn't hiding. i was with dr. monroe. i kntold me. the doctor asked me to his office. he wanted to talk to me. are you keeping something from me? did the doctct tell you something about me? yes. yes, he did. he also asked me a question. he asksk me if i thought he should tell you.
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mrs. lin. you're not going to have e child. e doctor told me that he... he found a large and deadly growth, and... how much t te did i would have to live? five or six weeks. maybe less. he was sure? he was sure. ohh! ( weeping )
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help sedulyour appointments, and with renew by unitedhealthcare, you caarn abouhealthy ving and earn rewards, too. remember, medi o enrollmen. call u about apd medicareco. you can even enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ? ? i must children. i have so much to do. no. no, i must get back to the wagon train. mrs.indstr i can have you inn in a few short hours, th get the kids the wagon and i'll bring 'em to you. isn't that more sensible?
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didt the doctor think anything co i'll need your help. i'll do anything i can. you mustn't tell anyone. i want the cldren to hear it first f t you worry, ma'am. i'll tell nobody.t tell anyone. hat's all i know about it. dr. monroe is a good doctor and a good man, and there's no reason nove him completely. and we must face the truth. are they having another one of those family powwows like you were talking about? how long we gonna wait for 'em? i don't knkn how long.
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( shortly ) yes, sir. now, tell me, do you understand exactly e said? margit. who's gonna take care of us? well, it's very important that we e nd an answerhat quest. do you think wewean do, stig? i'llre of all of us. i know. and itgood idea, fostst parents. nobody would want all of us. we could find one home for the boys fothgirls. . i think it'd be a better idea if no more than two of us went with one family. at'll be hard enough. that's very practical thinki, inga.
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they have a homen boston ids live in till someone takes them out. i know the place. it's just like a jail. margaretha: i don't want to go to jail. see how smart you are, lenn. you've upset margaretha. mother, we can't even gen before-- oh, i think it would be very difficult in dodge city. you see, we don'anybody the, d thnow us. we should with tagon trainin we know everybody-- thes, the children-- and they know us. if we were to tell them oblem, i'm sure they'd help us. inga, thth's a good idea. if we stay with the wagon train, we'll still see the ocean. u should see the ocean, margit. you ouldll look as far ahead,
10:38 am
ll be big and if you look a little way, you will be unhappy little people. i want to be real big. i betcha i could live with mr. meecher. he's a real nice man, and i know he'd like a 'cau only has two . crowder family. i think wewee ready to plans. these are very important plans, and i don't want to rush you, but the wagon is waiting to move, and there are otle to consider. so, let's decide. inga. we shohod stay with the w and make our homes with the people stst? i think that's the best idea. mrs. lindstrom: lennart? the people on the train are nicer r an the people in the city. i think we sstay with them. britt? ? i want to see the
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city. they laughed at bo, will you go and tell major adams the lindstro staying with the wagon train? yes, mother. thank him for his patience. tee're ready to move. think we should keep this problem in the family. you see, if people knew, they might accept you out of pity. you must search for lovet pity, so let's keep it a family secret. major adams. mother wants you to know our plans. we're staying with the wagon train. she wants me to thank you for your p pience, and she said to tellnots any longer. we're ready to go. anks.
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( weeping ) all right, let's get. come on, folks, load up. mount up, we're .
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dn't even try to argue with them this time. i felt that they werright , and whether i liked it or not, i was in the family's confid i knew their plans. i knew the children were searching for foster homes for ththselves among the wago families, and i knew that,ed by m, they would find the right family for each child.
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i wondered how this woman, who seemed to be able to overcome any obstacle, was going to overcom the fe for tle fellow. that the sanfords would be bus. isn't that right, lennart? mr. sanford has bad rheumatism in his back, and he told me that he dihow he got along my helping him with the chores. he keeps wanting me to take money. nice foster parents for margit and me. i'll talk to the sanfords. m pleased you chose them. and so, arrangements have been made for inga, stig, margaretha, and now, if the sanfords adopt you and lennart, we'll all know where we're going.
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my precious bo. children, you must get ready for bed. inga. inga, what's happened? why are you treating me like i did something wrong? maybe i did. if i did, i don't know what it is. i'll apologize anyway.
10:45 am
like me anymore, just tell me. eren't such a baby, you'd have enough decency to a aleast answer me. just like a baby with no tongue! oh, leave me alone! , would you do me a favor, please? will you tell your mother i'd like to talk tone? i'll wait for her out here. thank you, inga. hey, what's the matter with you, bub? you kind of look like a sick calf. well, i am sick, major. i'm sicked of the way in's been treating me. the whole lindstrom family's carrying on like the rest of the people in are feuding with them, all picking fries and sides like there's gonnwar. you'd better mind your tongue, boy, and your temper too. i'm liable to sting your ear till't be able to judge people so loosely for a while. will you do me a favor, major adams?
10:46 am
will you tell inga... 'evening, ma'am. 'evening. my apologies, mrs. lindstrom, for not coming straight to you, but... what i have to say to you, i didn't want anyone else to hear. there are no apopogies needed, major. i jud you to know that i have no worries about your children being welcomom into the homes of their foster parents. there's a lot of nice people on this wagon train. for entrusting the care of your children to them. thank you. i hoped it would be so. otherwise, we wouldn't have bururned you but you didn't call me out here to talk about that, did you? no, ma'am, i-i didn't. e i said, lot of nice people on this train, but they're practical people too, getting settled in their new homand all th.
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don't think you should blame them too much if they... you wantnto know who's going to take my seventh child. that's right. i've been afraid to ask myself that question, let alone you. but we've done pretty well so far, facingnghe issues squarely as they come up. i see no reason why we shouldn't go whole hog. and he needs more love andndare than all th you said you'd help me. you said you'd do anything. what c i do, mrs. lindstrom? i've thought of that. i've thought about iri. w can a ma who veon a aiffent e of ground
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it won't work. but i can guarantee you one thing. this is why i've asked you out here to talk to me. maybe this'll give you . i'll take the little fellow, and i'll put him in the best school i can find. e ever has to be boarded out, i'i' look in on him just as often as i can, and i promise you, never want for money or anything else that i can give. give bo your love. if you can't give him that, we don'tanything from you. as for a school or boarding him out, i...
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r r ne by, i couldn't forget the words mrs. lindstrom spoke: "i'd rather see him dead." i knew that she had made all of the adoptio arrangements for the other children. if there was anything sad about a mother lem having to give away her children, of what ome of the one she couldn't give away? dstrom's time was running out, and so was mine.
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"the buffalo is a species of wild ox that is found d ly in north america." see? ( oohs and aahs ) stig: aw, that doesn'! oh, it does too. "its long, shaggy mane gives it a heavy and sullen appearance..." ( knocking ) mrs. lindstrom: yes? mrs. lindstrom, may i of course, come in. i'd like to talk to you. i, uh... it occurs to me that... siness-- i don't know. if you think i'm talking out of turn, please stop meme but something has occurred to me that-- that makes me think that i've the solution to all of our problems, ano close, it's right under our noses. with all your troubles, mrs. lindstrom, you may not have noticed that your young daughter, inga, has sufficiently grown up to accept the seriattentions.
10:54 am
en fitz and me, it's all over with. well, th what fitz told me. now, what have told you? well, he... he, uh, told me that he loved you, and that he wanted you to marry him. oh, that's not true, mommy. he never asked me to marry him. he nev told me he loved me. st, mommy. who tells you he loves ingas to marry her but doesn't tell inga? mrs. lindstrom, strong, healthy, capable, and i assure you he's able to take a wife. the only reason that he hasn't asked inga before ishat, right from the first when you told your what was ahead of them, inga thought that she must give up everything. is this true, inga? yes, mommy. but what difference make now?
10:55 am
i'm truly sorry i wasn't the mommy you needed to help you through your fir i ask you to forgive me. oh, mommy, i love you so much. do you love fitz? that is his name, isn't it? james fitzpatrick. mrs. lindstrom, i'm afraid i broke my promise to you. i had to young fitzpatrick. he was so lovesick, he'd have left this train. we'd never seen hide nor hair of him again. i didn't want him to leaea inga until he knew exactly why you had treated him as you had. he didn't go away? no. no, he hasn't gone away. as a matter of fact, i think he's probably
10:56 am
if she'll please become my wife." and he wanted you to bring with you a dowry, at dowry is to be... little bo, oh, mommy! oh, mommy, what should i do? yes. ig? yes! lennart? yes! britt? yes! margit? yes! margaretha? nt to get married too! margaretha: mommy, when can i get married?
10:57 am
life is re life is , and the grave is not thy goal. "dust thou art; to d dt returneth"
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? roll along, w won train ? ? rollin' over prairie where there ain't no grass ? ? rollin' over motains where there ain't no pass ? ? sittin' on a board, ey weather ? ? prayin' to the lord we stay together ?
10:59 am
along ? ? pickin' up a passenger in every town ? ? wonderin' if he's ever gonna shoot you down ? ? lookin' for a pal, it a pity ? for a gal, needn't be pretty ? ? if she'll ride on the wagon train ? ? wagons ho! ? ? time to go ? ? and follow the sun ? ? roll along ? wagon train ? ? never had a cabin near a general store ? ?nly had a wagon and a .44 ? ? sittin' on a board, he weather ? yin' to the lord we stay together ?
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[gunfire] [yelelng] >> easy on the powder. we're running low.


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